Born in: 1983
Country of origin: South Africa
Occupation: Self employed
Competition weight: 89kg / 197lb
Off-seasonweight: 97kg / 213 lbs
Height: 184cm / 6’1”


– Tell the readers some brief details about you before we get started.

Jaco de bruyn 29 years old, married with 2 beautifull boys. Run my own business and partner in Body-Engineers, WBFF South Africa and WBFF Australia.

– How and when did you get started in health and fitness

I only really started training at the age of 24, I wish I started way earlier. I think once anyone gets started there is so much to learn about your body, training and nutrition. You can never learn enough, im still learning today and it gets more and more interesting every year. Always had this passion for bodybuilding, back in the day I never knew that this will be my job one day. I decided to compete for the very first time in 2011 and won my first show, since then I fell in love with this sport.

– What is your diet like?

I like to keep my diet simple purely because I don’t have a lot of time on my hands to prep food for hours, most of my meals will always look the same, I generally keep my carbs low in each meal. Ratio are usually 50/40/10.

Meal 1
100g oats
50g mixed berries
300ml eggs white

Meal 2
Lean Beef mince 200g
100g Broc

Meal 3
150g sweet potato
Lean Beef mince 100g
100g Broc/Cauli

Meal 4
100g basmati rice
100g Broc/Cauli
200g Chicken Breast

Meal 5 POST
50g carbs
20g vitargo

Meal 6
Chicken Breats 200g
100g Broc/Caulil

Meal 7
100g Broc/Cauli
200g lean beef mince

Meal 8
10 LGE egg whites
2 whole egg

– What is your typical workout routine?

I like to focus on one muscle group a day. Usually train 6 days a week with one rest day

Monday chest/abs
Tuesday quads/calves
Wednesday bi/tri
Tursday shoulders
Friday back/abs
Saturday hammies/calves

– Which are your top 3 exercises and why?

Incline chest press – nothing like a good thick upper chest
Shoulder press – big shoulders give you that V-shape look, very important to have fully developed shoulders
Traps – traps give you that ripple effect which is hard to find in most bodybuilders

– How do you keep motivated?

I have a quote I live by and it goes like this: ’who needs motivation if you are doing what you love’’ the things that drives me is people that are successful in this industry all over the world. I have such an incredible passion for what I do that it drives me even more to help others achieve what I achieve and I believe I have a few people around the world that will back me up on this. A lot of athletes are very secretive on their doings and achievements and I don’t really understand why. Rather help grow this sport by sharing.

– What is your favourite body part?

I get complimented a lot about my shoulders and traps so that’s probably my favorite body part although I love training chest because I believe a thick chest is a mans pride.

– What is your favorite healthy meal?

Nothing like a nice piece of beef fillet, sweet potato and brocolli

– What is your favorite cheat meal?

Lamb, sushi and burgers

– Do you do cardio? If so, what type of cardio?

I always get asked this question and no I don’t really focus on cardio at all, I just never had the need to do it my diet generally are always clean and my bodyfat never higher that 10%, if while im prepping for a show and I feel the need to add a bit of cardio I will

– What supplements do you use?

Isolate whey, BCAA, Glutamine, CLA, Creatine.

– What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Everyone will get those days where they feel they don’t get anywhere; everyone has those small days where you feel you not growing. Such as everything in life you get your ups and downs. It’s all about how you handle it and maybe you not in the mood to train but at least go then you know you have tried. Every bit counts!!! On day you will look at yourself and see how hard you have worked

– Favorite fitness models, athletes or bodybuilders? Inspirations?

Flex Lewis, Louis Bessinger & Arnold Schwarzenegger.

– What are the most important tips you would give to our readers to achieve a Top Physique?

Consistency is the key here, stick to your diet and make sure your training program works for you, remember there are no quick fixes in this sport. Stick to what you know and be consistent and before you know it your body will have transformed

– Any quotes that describes your way of thinking?

I don’t think a lot of my fans knows that I’m a family man, I have a beautiful wife and I’m a father of 2 beautiful boys. Those are my pride and joy. I think I’m a good example of having that balance one need in this sport. Advise I would like to give to my fans is to believe in what you do, believe that you can achieve, visualize that winning moment and set those goals to get there. This is why I like this quote a lot: ‘’whether or not you think you can or can’t do it, you are probably right’’